Welcome to NM Poultry Farm: Your Premier Source for Diverse and High-Quality Poultry Breeds

Welcome to NM Poultry Farm: Your Premier Source for Diverse and High-Quality Poultry Breeds

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NM Poultry Farm is dedicated to providing top-quality poultry breeds, ensuring a wide variety of options for poultry enthusiasts, farmers, and hobbyists. With a commitment to excellence and a passion for poultry farming, we offer an extensive selection of breeds to cater to all your needs. Our farm specializes in raising Kadaknath, Aseel Cross, Turkey Chicks, Guinea Fowl, Aseel Peruvadai, Sonali Chicks, Giriraja, Gramapriya, Pekin, and Runner Ducks. Here’s an in-depth look at the unique breeds we provide:

Kadaknath: The Black Gem of Poultry
Kadaknath, renowned for its distinctive black meat, is not only a culinary delicacy but also a source of various health benefits. This breed is highly sought after for its rich nutritional profile, including high levels of protein, low fat content, and essential amino acids. NM Poultry Farm ensures that our Kadaknath chickens are raised in optimal conditions, resulting in premium-quality meat that stands out in both taste and nutrition.

Aseel Cross: Robust and Resilient
Our Aseel Cross breed combines the best traits of the Aseel chicken, known for its robustness and fighting spirit, with other breeds to enhance productivity and resilience. These chickens are well-suited for free-range farming and exhibit excellent growth rates, making them a valuable addition to any poultry farm.

Turkey Chicks: Thanksgiving and Beyond
We offer healthy and vigorous turkey chicks that grow into impressive birds, perfect for holiday feasts and everyday meals. Our turkeys are raised with care, ensuring they are strong, healthy, and flavorful. Whether you're a commercial farmer or a backyard poultry enthusiast, our turkey chicks will meet your expectations.

Guinea Fowl: The Pest Controllers
Guinea fowls are not only known for their unique appearance and tasty meat but also for their ability to control pests in your farm or garden. NM Poultry Farm provides robust guinea fowls that are excellent foragers and can significantly reduce insect populations, enhancing the health and productivity of your farm.

Aseel Peruvadai: The Pride of Heritage
The Aseel Peruvadai is a traditional breed cherished for its strong build and fighting prowess. At NM Poultry Farm, we preserve the heritage and quality of this breed, ensuring that our Aseel Peruvadai chickens are true to their lineage and exhibit the desired traits of strength and resilience.

Sonali Chicks: The Dual-Purpose Delight
Sonali chicks are an excellent dual-purpose breed, known for their high egg production and quality meat. These birds are hardy and adaptable, making them a perfect choice for both commercial and backyard poultry farming. Our Sonali chicks are raised with meticulous care to ensure optimal growth and productivity.

Giriraja: The Giant in Poultry
Giriraja chickens are known for their large size and high productivity. They are an ideal choice for farmers looking for a breed that offers both excellent meat and egg production. NM Poultry Farm provides Giriraja chickens that are healthy, robust, and ready to thrive in various farming conditions.

Gramapriya: The Rural Favorite
Gramapriya is a popular breed in rural areas due to its adaptability and high egg-laying capacity. These chickens are known for their ability to thrive in free-range environments, making them a preferred choice for backyard and small-scale farmers. Our Gramapriya chickens are nurtured to ensure they reach their full potential.

Pekin Ducks: The Culinary Star
Pekin ducks are famous for their delicious meat, often featured in gourmet dishes worldwide. NM Poultry Farm offers top-quality Pekin ducks that are raised in a healthy and natural environment, ensuring their meat is tender and flavorful. These ducks are a valuable addition to any poultry collection.

Runner Ducks: The Egg-Laying Champions
Runner ducks are renowned for their here prolific egg-laying capabilities and unique upright stance. They are excellent foragers and can significantly contribute to pest control. NM Poultry Farm provides healthy and productive Runner ducks that will enhance your farm’s egg production and ecological balance.

At NM Poultry Farm, we are committed to providing a diverse range of high-quality poultry breeds to meet the varied needs of our customers. Our dedication to excellence in breeding and raising these birds ensures that you receive only the best. Whether Kadaknath chicks you are looking for meat, eggs, or ornamental birds, NM Poultry Farm is your trusted source for all your poultry needs. Visit us today and experience Poultry farm near me the difference in quality and variety that sets us apart.

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